Sunday, October 12, 2008


I should have mentioned that in all the time the internet has been around I have had but ONE web “person”/company. At first it was Adrian (“master”) and then he met and partnered with Shirley (“mistress”). That’s why the reference in the last entry to “webmistress”. I was blessed to discover “them” about ’96 or so when this new-fangled internet thing started to really take off. I found myself in a position where I needed to build a website for my business at that time. The universe sent me Adrian. We had a like mind about marketing and in those days that was my passion (still is.) He was honest, reasonable in his fees and he made me laugh. And I think I made him laugh – with my technological ignorance at least. God bless his patience. It’s been a winning combination for about twelve years now as a business relationship that has blossomed into a deep friendship, one that I am grateful for. If you need anything website-related (especially hosting) I urge you to give Shirley a call. The name of their company is AlphaWeb Design...I’m proud to recommend them.

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