Saturday, October 11, 2008


Hooray! Well my most-beloved and mysterious webmistress is working (again) on the site (taking time away from a very important project she and her partner are working on) - so again – I am sooooo grateful. Thanks Cheri!

BG: We bought the url four years ago, did most of the verbiage then and decided on the basic design. Then we told her to stop til we were almost finished building. There was no rush. Anyway, now that we ARE almost finished I asked her to try to get some more pages “up” because everyone is always asking questions and the website is the best way to relay info. There are a few links working and now we’re trying to get the rates link (and a couple of others) posted live online so people (and especially our “supporters”) can see if they want to book a weekend or a week next year… which was actually suggested by a dear friend back East who DOES want to book now for later! This would certainly make everything go faster… right now it’s going painfully slow. But at least it’s GOING…! So I AM GRATEFUL. 8-)

We had an idea: what about doing a drawing for a free week at the castle for anyone who passes the link ( around to friends and family to get the word out about us? A way to thank them… And perhaps to those who DO book NOW (for next year) also some sort of “extra”… perhaps add a free night or a gourmet romantic meal OR BOTH.
Or a full day of touring. Sumthin’ SPECIAL…comments anyone?

Right now I have a vision of this spectacular gift basket I’m going to make up for each guest that comes – overflowing with exotic fresh fruits and local munchies. Plus all the little minis just like a hotel (mini shampoo and conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, body lotion, etc.) I want people to be able to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice and not worry if they forgot a certain toiletry. And know that we will take GREAT care of them! I’d love the minis to be “private labeled” with CASTLEINHAWAII and I wonder what a minimum quantity would be to order that. If anyone out there that reads this has a referral for this (someone they have worked with) we’d love to hear from you… wow, I guess it takes a village to build a castle…

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writergrrrl said...

A raffle is a great idea - perhaps tie raffle entries to the number of people your friends and supporters send your information to? Not to promote spamming everyone we have an address for, of course. But people who know a lot of other people to refer to your lovely castle might be encouraged to share the information to more people if it gains them additional raffle entries. What do you think?