Thursday, October 30, 2008


If you are fortunate enough to be able to spend any length of time in the islands, you will find that the spirit of aloha will pervade your soul. Time schedules almost become meaningless. Living in the NOW takes precedence.

I think it is “mana” (spiritual power or energy). And there are lots of ways to explore it here on the Big Island. Lots of events, celebrations and workshops. And body work is very important – massage, yoga, exercise, to name just a few. Almost every other house is home to an excellent masseuse.

Living an authentic life becomes reality. You follow your bliss. And you always have time to “talk story”… mainlanders might know this as “shoot the breeze”… people are more important than appointments. The culture here is built on love and acceptance – aloha. Family, friends, the ocean, the land, the “Hula” and the music, pretty much in that order. There are also lots of cultural events that go on… in particular Merrie Monarch, a multi-day Hula competition. Visitors should try to take advantage of as many “happenings” as you can.

There are no traffic jams. There are practically no cops. Well, not as many as mainlanders are used to – like one on every corner hiding with a radar gun ready to make your life miserable. Big Island didn’t get its name for nothing. And the police (mostly) drive their own cars with blue lights on them. It’s weird to see very few painted cars with red cherries. A very common bumper sticker here: “slow down, you’re not on the mainland”.
And “live aloha”.

The best thing about the laid-back atmosphere here is (ladies) you can leave your make-up at home. Just bring sunscreen. And anything remotely resembling heels. Flip flops are the order of the day. These things are just meaningless here. Comfort is meaningful.

Any time is the right time to stop and smell the flowers or take in the ocean. Speaking of the fragrant air - that hits you the second you arrive and step off the plane, so be prepared. Clear, pollution-free air. Imagine that!

I’ve never been a “huge” fan of flowers until I moved here. I hated “having” something that would die soon after you “got” it… Here you can appreciate the flowers and colors almost any time, any where. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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