Friday, September 26, 2008


It’s all about the fruits and vegetables (for us anyway).
In Hawaii it’s all about the “two scoop” (white rice and mac or potato salad).
And it’s all about the Kalua pig or pork, chicken long rice, smoke meat, ribs, huli huli chicken, etc. etc.
Then there’s also lomi lomi and ahi. To die for if you like fish (and if you don’t, you’re really missing out!) I have just one word regarding Hawaiian food - Mmmmmm.
And then there’s the poi. I actually like the poi with the pig. But poi does remind most people of pink paste, in looks and taste. Anyway, it’s my belief that you should try EVERYTHING and then if you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But at least try it.

I believe that cooking is an expression of love. I spend a large part of my day either cooking, prepping or researching menus. Garlic and onions are in practically everything I make. Chili also. I’m always thinking of how to eat the rainbow to get all the nourishment I can into my body each and every day. And for me - there’s nothing better in the whole wide world than seeing someone enjoying something I’ve made.


The other great thing about food and eating (besides planting and growing your own) is that MOST of what you buy is fresh-picked, homegrown and organic. We go to the farmer’s markets which is on Wed and Sat in Hilo and on Sun in Pahoa. I am in heaven.

Jackfruit, breadfruit, passion fruit, Mamay Sapote (I googled this and got ONLY 370 hits – amazing), cherimoya, atimoya (I knew about cherimoya, who knew there was also an atimoya?), kumquats, lychee, longon, dragonfruit AND DURIAN = HEAVEN.

More on durian later. THIS IS DURIAN (SCAREY, ISN'T IT?)

And I absolutely love sharing things with people that say they’ve never tried “something”.


We eat papaya (and bananas) almost daily. And then take the papaya seeds and fling them out in the yard. It’s like living in the Garden of Eden. All you need is a seed. And things grow like magic. Every time you eat a pineapple you twist the top leaves off (I always thought you cut it but twisting is the best way to propagate) and shove it in dirt (cinder actually). A half year to a year later you got pineapples. All the surrounding property is gonna be full by the time I’m done throwin’ out my seeds!

For breakfast we eat fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese, maybe cereal or oatmeal. And on the weekends when there is time – organic eggs, home style potatoes with sweet peppers and onions, turkey bacon &/or pancakes or waffles (Castle John’s specialty). Nine times out of ten there’s a smoothie. Just some oj and whatever fruit is hanging around with a dollop of yogurt, blend and guzzle. And if no fruit is “hanging around” there are always frozen bananas to throw in.

Lunch is a sandwich &/or salad. Or maybe a papaya stuffed with cottage cheese. If I’m at the famer’s market I try to always get a shot of fresh wheat grass juice.

Dinner is definitely a HUGE salad, some protein (beef, fish or chicken), a little starch – rice or pasta or potatoes - and way smaller portions than we used to eat. And also lots of garlic! Roasted, grated & in and on everything. We NEVER get sick!

Snacks are often-times fruit and cheese. Also lots of fresh brewed green & other herbal tea.

Paradise is (for me) The Garden of Eden. I’ve never felt so healthy or powerful in my life. I always thought I ate well (before) now I KNOW I do!

I made ice cream for the first time in my life – have only owned my ice cream maker for years. Never used it, just took it out of the box last night for the first time. Incredible. Fresh, homemade ice cream. I don’t think I’ve ever had any before, actually. And I made it with ORGANIC sugar and the freshest ingredients. Heaven. Poor Haagen Dazs lost a great customer!

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