Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fan Page on Facebook

My new bff (and press agent?) the fabulous Lin Decker, our recent guest, has been gracious enough to help me (technically challenged) make a "fan" page. Whatever that is (she said it's a "must have" so I believe her!) Please stay tuned because we're getting ready to start a NEW drawing for a free week at the Castle... it will be easy... just like us, really like us (thanks Sally) and you will be entered into the drawing automatically (Hey we'll bribe you to like us if we have to!) To those who already "like"d it, (well mostly my family and guests who have been here)... don't you fret - we'll take care of you - ALL will be automatically entered. Stay tuned for details as they develop (on the blog)... if you go to the Castle website blog link is there. Also would love to hear comments on the destination wedding link... had a couple just leave us last night... but they said it was a wedding they will NEVER forget. And we believe them. Aloha for now. More to come. .

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