Monday, December 13, 2010


We get the weekly Kabbalah tuneup and wanted to share some excerpts (written by Yehuda Berg):

Our connection to ourselves, others, and ultimately to the Light of the Creator begins and ends with appreciation.

This is something we already know. I simply wish to remind you of the utter importance of constantly fighting to remain in gratitude. And make no mistake it is a struggle, because our natural instinct is to look for the negative. It takes effort to not compare ourselves with others, and to not feel lack. It’s easy to erupt in anger and self-pity resulting from jealousy or insecurity, but far more difficult to wage the internal battle against ego (which is the root cause of resentment, doubt, and you can fill in the rest.)

All of us are blessed with various gifts. We need to take time to be grateful for these gifts, so they will remain with us. Through appreciation we can avoid feeling that we are missing out on something, thereby wasting or losing what we do have. The feeling of abundance creates more abundance.

This week, take a step back. Develop greater appreciation by imagining what life would be like if the things, people, qualities, abilities you do have were taken away. Every time you find yourself fixated on the glittering lives in the pages of People, or the shiny new toys your neighbor has, bring back your focus. Come back home to yourself, to your life, and look around.

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