Monday, June 14, 2010

WHY? (people are asking "WHY are you giving it away?")

There are a few reasons.

#1- It’s good business. To make a name and a reputation (and a brand) it’s GOOD to “give it away”. People LIKE to get things for free (I know we sure do). And a contest is exciting and fun. Something to look forward to. Also we hope to create a buzz about our service. We hope people will share their experience. We have a passion for what we do and LOVE connecting with people from all over the world and learning about them. We have a passion to serve!
And also (about giving), we believe you must give in order to receive. Didn’t your Mom always tell you that while you were growing up? We believe it’s a blessing to give AND to serve.

#2 - Supposedly social networking is the “thing” now. This is a test, this is only a test… does it work? We’ll see. There is a “tracking” device on the site so we have something to compare to. Call it an “experiment”. If you’d like to know how the “experiment” worked after the fact, we’d be glad to share, You can email castleinhawaii ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com with “results of experiment” in the subject line. You will get a reply by 11/1/10.


#3 - We wanted to share our online grocery store. It's probably hard to get excited about groceries, but when you are saving so much...
We like to think “outside the box”… We know people are skeptical nowadays (we are too). But we found something so amazing we wanted to PROVE it and put our “money where our mouth” is. These groceries are “Cheaper to your door than going to the store.” We’re convinced that once people actually see the prices and savings of brands & things they are already buying, they will LOVE it. Who wants to pay more for something than you have to? Hence another blessing by adding something of value to peoples’ lives.

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