Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Letter written by Richard Koob, Founder/Director, KALANI Oceanside Retreat Village

Aloha Warren Lee and highway signage and bike path team.

We here at Kalani and many other residents in the area would like to improve the safety of 5 communities here in Puna Makai with 1200 lots and rapid population growth.

You’re familiar with our “roller coaster” ocean front scenic road, stretching from Kalapana to Kapoho.
The area with the greatest population is centered around Kehena beach. See attached map.
We’re requesting Public Work’s help with 3 important safety matters:

1. Methods to slow traffic along Hwy 137 and provide for safe pedestrian crossings. In particular Kalani requests a crosswalk at the Kalani entrance, and “Slow”, “Pedestrian Crossing” type signage and pavement markers. Kalani is non-profit educational, so qualifies for school-type safety designations.
2. A coastal bike/hike/walk/run path on the makai side of Hwy 137. The roll of the road results in limited views, creating a definite life risk for the increasing number of pedestrians and bicyclists. Just 2 miles of improvement, from the east edge of Kalani to the west edge of Kehena, would greatly reduce the risk for both locals and the visitors attracted to this beautiful preservation coast. Bicycle touring companies are increasingly using the road, as are moms with keiki and strollers!
3. County Water is overdue to the area. It’s been at Kikala Keokea subdivision for years. Only 3,000 feet more will bring it to Kehena Beach Lots, and 2 more miles stretches it along the coast to Kalani. Note 2 possible routes, shown on the attached map.

Richard Koob, Founder/Director, KALANI Oceanside Retreat Village

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