Wednesday, October 14, 2009


One of the best things about living in Hawaii is the clothing, which is designed to be cheerfully colorful, loose-fitting and suitable for business &/or play. Few men or women wear “suits”. Men can wear Aloha shirt instead of throat-choking tie. Women don’t have to wear high heels or bra – it really is okay to “hang loose” in Hawaii!

The following is a partially edited article I found in a local newspaper that I thought you’d be interested in regarding the way of life over here:

The missionary clothing styles that influenced Hawaiian dress of the past were more serious and modest. Their purpose was to alter the way natives felt about their bodies (breasts had to be covered!) But since today Hawaii is a vacation paradise/retirement spot, exposed body parts are no longer considered the problem they once were. Now the clothing here is more alluring, relaxing and comfortable and promotes bodily freedom. This is a blessing to Mainlanders who come here. Here they can get away from the seriousness that still dominates Mainland culture and fashion. This not only make Hawaii a more enjoyable place to live, it makes it a healthier place to live as well.

The health issue is a real one, according to medical anthropologist researches like the one that wrote the article. They have found and it is now pretty much common knowledge that tight clothing interferes with body movement and circulation, to some degree.

The human body was designed to change dimension with movement.

In breast-binding cultures (wear women wear bras) there is an extremely high incidence of breast disease and cancer as apposed to cultures in which there are no bras where that kind of thing is virtually nonexistent. Tight underwear can cause low sperm count and infertility in men. Tight watches and other wrist “jewelry” apply constant pressure to blood vessels, nerves & tendons. Tight belts hold up pants and compress the intestines, bladder, appendix and pelvic organs. Traps that carry backpacks, cameras (well the tourists won’t give this up any time soon ANYWHERE), and other things over the shoulder or neck compress sensitive neck veins and nerves, impairs circulation and cause pain.

Tight clothing is not a western culture phoenom only. Chinese used to bind the feet of women for fashion, making foot ulcers and skin deterioration… young girls entered womanhood with feet tightly bound, toes painfully curled down and under the foot – walking was painful and the feet actually deteriorated from lack of circulation… kind of like what high heels do to women in western culture… deformity, bunions, hammertoes, nail fungus, back pain, knee injuries, accidental falls and more.

Our bodies know what is uncomfortable – women can’t wait to get home and take off bra & panty hose, the men their ties and both those hot, tight shoes and loosen the belt, especially after meals…

That’s why we are lucky to be here in Hawaii! We can dress comfortably, wear shorts and loose shirts, and sandals year round and sometimes… on some beaches even…we can wear nothing at all!

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